The MELD approach for the Next Generation Protein characterization

The production of recombinant protein therapeutics has become a major market and it is expected to continue its fast expand in the future. The production of recombinant proteins constitutes a challenge that would greatly benefit from higher production efficiencies and consequent lower costs of the final product. It is therefore mandatory to understand and control each step of the production process. In this context, the co-production of undesired forms impact the production efficiency and complicates the subsequent purification steps.
The detection of such forms requires a method to unambiguously identify the precise modifications, truncatures and/or mutation sites. We developed a method that relies on a combination of MultiEnzymatic AND Limited proteolytic Digestion that enables full protein characterization.

Gabriel Mazzucchelli

is associate professor and principal research logistician within the management team of the Mass spectrometry Laboratory of Uliège, in which he is in charge of scientific collaborations concerning developments in mass spectrometry for “Omics” applications. Since 2001, he has developed methods based on mass spectrometry for the characterization of biomolecules as well as proteomic methods to allow the analysis of complex biological samples. In 2008, he became scientific and QC manager of the GIGA proteomics platform and of the Omics academic research unit of the Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (MSLab). He became associate professor in 2015 and QC internal auditor for ULiège (RQlab) in 2016. He is currently (2020) Vice-President of the Belgian Proteomics Association ( and President of the Council of the Scientists Group of ULiège. Gabriel Mazzucchelli was several times involved in international organizations as leader of proteomics working groups (COST actions). Gabriel Mazzucchelli’s work has generated 60 scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals (H index 20, total citations 1297, Scopus database October 2020). He is one of the founders of MSExpertise SPRL, a Mass Spectrometry and Quality assurance consultancy company. His research projects focus on the characterization of proteins and proteomes in biological systems using advanced mass spectrometry techniques at the Mass Spectrometry Laboratory of the University of Liege (Director, Prof. Gauthier Eppe).