Ist BELSACT Scientific Meeting (Virtual)


Ist BELSACT Scientific Meeting (Virtual)
24th of November 2020

Innovative tools for cell culture and process understanding, control and improvement 

The Ist BELSACT Scientific Meeting will bring together participants from top academic and industrial groups from Belgium and its neighboring countries. This meeting will discuss major innovative tools from the last decades that support cell culture and processes understanding, control and improvement. Leading scientists in these fields will provide cutting edge overview of these advances for improving animal cell cultures.

If you want to learn more about BELSACT association and be part of this scientific adventure.

If you want to share your vision on how to create opportunities to promote collaboration between industries and universities and create a strong local network of people and institutions.

If you just want to meet other ACT scientists.

If you want to share and see innovative science.

Join our MOTIVATED core team to attend full INTERACTIVE scientific day.

Meeting Chair: Yves- Jacques SCHNEIDER (UCLouvain)

Meeting Program:
Final Program

Meeting Fees: Free virtual meeting, but registration needed.

Meeting Registration: If you are still interested in attending and in sharing a poster with a short presentation, please click on the link below:

Click HERE to register or to submit abstracts

EDIT 2020 Dec 01 : Registration and Submission closed

Deadline for abstract submission for poster and short presentations: 30th October 2020                  

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