PAT for in-line mammalian cell culture follow-up: two case studies from recent vaccine developments at GSK

Process analytical tools (PAT) have become key instruments to promote process understanding and process control. The presentation will focus on two case studies from two different kinds of cell cultures, vaccine approaches, target observations and technologies. The first case study will illustrate the use of holographic microscopy and of capacitance probes for in-line monitoring of viable, dead and possibly adenovirus-infected HEK293 cells. The second case study will relate the use of Raman spectroscopy for real time prediction of metabolite consumption or accumulation and of antigen production during the course of CHO cell cultures. Our next challenges (aligning data from different PAT within a shared database and using them to feed a digital twin model) will also be briefly discussed.

Patrick Dumas

– Agronomist engineer (ENSA Toulouse 1981), degree in applied marine biology (ENSA Rennes, 1982) and in biostatistics  (ENSA Toulouse, 1983)                                              

– Responsible of a sea farm (INRA, Kerguelen Isles, 1985 – 1987)

– Process development for the production of food hydrocolloids (SANOFI-BIO-INDUSTRIES, France, 1988 – 1998)                                         

– Process development of vaccines involving cell culture (GSK Vaccines, Belgium, 1998 – 2020)