Jérémie Barbau (Ovizio Imaging Systems)

Passionate with Biology and Technology, Jeremie Barbau studied Bio-industrial technologies at the university of Orléans in France where he earned a Master Degree in Biological Engineering in 2004. He later joined the University of Lille where he pursued his quest for Knowledge while earning an advanced Master Degree in Molecular and Cellular Engineering. The search for a job led him to Belgium where he spent 3 years as a Research Assistant at the Université catholique de Louvain. He later joined Crucell for a 2 years stint in the Dutch company that is now part of J&J. In 2012, he was back in Belgium as an Associate Scientist in Cell Culture Development at GSK Vaccines. He left GSK in 2014 to join forces with OVIZIO Imaging Systems where he works since as an Application Scientist, with a specialty on the continuous monitoring of suspension cells in all types of bioreactors.